Introducing our free standing roof safety railings. These roof guard rail systems provide the very best in roof edge fall protection.

The systems are supplied in kit form ready for installation. With no floor fixing requirements they are the quick and simple solution to providing a safety edge around your flat roof top.

Falls from height remain the most common cause of fatality in the workplace. According to HSE (Health & Safety Executive) statistics in 2008/09 there were 35 fatalities, 4654 major injuries and a further 7065 injuries that caused the injured person to be off work for over 3 days or more, due to a fall from height.

There is a constant need to clean guttering, fume extraction ducting and windows as well as an increasing requirement for the maintenance and installation of air conditioning units, telecoms and CCTV security equipment. Building owners are responsible for the provision of a safe working environment for both their employees and sub contractors.

• Our roof safety systems are virtually maintenance free with hot dip galvanised malleable iron fittings to BS EN ISO 1461, hot dip galvanised tubes and PVC counterweights.     

• The safety rails are suitable for installation on asphalt, coated steel sheet or concrete mineral felt roofs.

• No special tools are needed and no on-site welding or bending is required, meaning simple and fast installation of your roof edge protection.

• The base fitting allows the option of installing uprights up to 10 degrees from vertical. Bolt-on toeplate facility to comply with HSG 33.


roof guardrail

Straight post

48mm diameter, 1100mm tall factory assembled upright comprising: 2 cradles, 1 base and an end cap.
Maximum distance between post centres - 2 metres.

Curved post

48mm diameter, 1100mm high curved factory assembled upright comprising: 3 cradles, 1 base and an end cap. The curved design allows for shorter counterweight tubes, less counterweights and is less visible from the ground.


Complete with locking collar
& 2 metre tube.

Recycled PVC moulding containing a locking collar and a 2 metre tube. The counterweights are fitted on every other post, maximum distance between counterweights - 4 metres. The counterweight is slim and deemed a low trip hazard.

Run end weight

Complete with 2 weights, 1 bar,
1 tee, 2 collars & 2 metre tube.


90° Elbow

Wall flange

Sleeve joint


Galvanised 'D' tube 6.5m

48.3mm dia 6.5m length

6.5m x 1 = 6.5m £63.50
6.5m x 2 = 13m £127.00
6.5m x 3 = 19.5m £190.50
6.5m x 4 = 26m £254.00
6.5m x 5 = 32.5m £317.50


Galvanised 'D' tube 3m

48.3mm dia 3m length

3m x 1 = 3m £28.45
3m x 2 = 6m £56.90
3m x 3 = 9m £85.35
3m x 4 = 12m £113.80
3m x 5 = 15m £142.25
3m x 6 = 18m £170.70
3m x 8 = 24m £199.15